Indigenous Data and Spectrum Sovereignty

July 11, 16, 18, 23 and 25, 2024
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Welcome to the Pascua Yaqui Tribe-University of Arizona Microcampus

The purpose of the PYT-UA Microcampus is to develop exceptional higher-education services, degree programs, continuing education and workforce training opportunities for the Tribe’s members in partnership and collaboration with the UA; recognizing that the Tribe places a high priority on its members pursuing undergraduate degree opportunities, Masters level and professional school training and education, continuing education courses, and life-long learning programs for all the Tribe’s members; and recognizing that accessibility and affordability are critical factors for the Tribe’s members pursuing higher education and job training opportunities.

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The PYT-UA Microcampus offers degrees, courses, and certificates with concentration tracks in

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Tribal Courts & Justice Administration

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Tribal Economic Development

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Indigenous Governance

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Tribal Natural Resource Management

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Professional Development


Information Technology


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Tribal Microcampus Model

The PYT-UA Microcampus's Sea Ania "Flower World" screen partition symbolizes the beautiful outside world and the start of life for the Pascua Yaqui people, signifying sacrifice and access to other realms as an integral aspect of their current existence. Alongside this cultural and spiritual significance, the UA-Tribal Microcampus Model addresses the need for higher education and sustainable development opportunities among Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders, fostering collaboration with tribes. Together, these elements celebrate the rich heritage and provide pathways for growth and prosperity within the Pascua Yaqui community.

Primary Features & Benefits
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You brought together so many impressive minds who gave us fresh ideas, inspiration, and hope. I think it is so important for working professionals to stay in touch with new scholarship and thinking so we can integrate it into our work with the community.

Brooke Brunner, PYT-UA Student

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The PYT-UA Microcampus Newsletter

Stay connected with the Pascua Yaqui Tribe - University of Arizona Microcampus to receive the latest updates on upcoming courses and activities, and join the growing movement of legal advocates, scholars, and policy-makers promoting the rights of Indigenous communities across the world.

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